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About Us

J&J Medical Solutions Inc. is a Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Company in USA with its extensive experience and knowledge for Pharmaceutical products and Medical Equipments, We provide hospitals, clinics and distributors worldwide with high quality Pharmaceutical products and Medical Equipments includes Endoscopic products, CT Scanner, Ultrasound systems and medical consumables at an affordable price point. We offer not only from our main line products but also provide hospital, clinics with specialized medical equipments for high-technology applications in medical industry at your specific need.

Having more than 20 years of combined experiences in healthcare industry  gives us a unique advantage in the ability to help you make the appropriate choice for your modern healthcare today. Service is another important part to the success of any practice. We offer plans that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our highly qualified service engineers and senior consultant can also provide technical support for any type of question at your demand.

Education, applications, and full customer service after the purchase is a standard benefit of working with J&J Medical Solutions Inc. We truly believe in taking care of our customers needs and assuring satisfaction in all facets of the process. Our commitment to value, honesty, and integrity makes J&J Medical Solutions Inc. the right choice when purchasing our products.